Wilbert Tolentino reacts to appointment of new Miss Planet PH national director

Wilbert Tolentino is not happy with Miss Planet International announcing on Facebook the appointment of a new pageant director for the Philippines even as it also announced the participation of Maria Luisa Varela as representative of the country in the upcoming iteration of the pageant to be held on Jan. 29 at the Koh Pich Theater in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Wilbert took to social media to react on the matter.

He said: "As National Director of Ms. Planet in the Philippines, I wish to express my concern that unauthorized persons have appointed representatives to the pageant without my prior consent. I hold  the exclusive franchise in the Philippines and have the sole authority to appoint a representative for the Country."

"Given the unfortunate circumstances that occurred during the pageant held in Uganda in November 19, 2022, I have decided not to send a representative to the new Ms. Planet to be held in Cambodia this January 29, 2023. I will be constrained to take legal action against any person representing to have authority to send a representative for the Philippines to Ms. Planet without my authority."

"This statement is to protect the interest of the public, especially the women who may be misinformed of who has the legal authority to appoint a representative for the Philippines."

According to him, such a move is in clear violation of Miss Planet International organization's contractual obligations to him as the "sole and exclusive National Director" and "franchise holder" for the beauty pageant in the Philippines for the years - for which, he said, he paid a substantial sum.

"With this in mind, I will be constrained to take all available legal actions to prevent the usurpation of my contractual rights under our Franchise Agreement. May this also serve as a notice to the public that any other person proclaiming to be authorized to appoint a representative for the Philippines in the Ms Planet pageant is without merit."