DOH reports 1,891 new Covid-19 cases during the past week

The Department of Health (DOH) reported on Monday, Jan. 23, a total of 1,891 new Covid-19 cases during the past week.

(DOH / Manila Bulletin)

In its weekly case bulletin, DOH said that the daily average cases are currently at 270 which is 35 percent lower than the cases on Jan. 9 to Jan. 15.

DOH also recorded four cases tagged under severe and critical cases which is 0.23 percent of new cases. Currently, there are 432 severe and critical admissions which is 9.4 percent of total Covid-19 admissions.

On the other hand, 370 out of 2,299 or 16.1 percent of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are being used, while 3,509 out of 18,410 or 19.1 percent of non-ICU beds are being utilized.

Meanwhile, DOH also verified 104 more deaths due to Covid-19 during the past week. It mentioned that seven deaths occurred on Jan. 9 to Jan. 22.

Of the 104 deaths, 9 occurred in January 2023, one in December 2022, one in November 2022, eight in February 2022, seven in January 2022, 13 in October 2021, nine in September 2021, 12 in August 2021, seven in July 2021, seven in June 2021, three in May 2021, 12 in April 2021, four in March 2021, one in February 2021, three in January 2021, one in December 2020, one in October 2020, two in September 2020, two in August 2020, and one in May 2020.

In terms of Covid-19 vaccination, a total of 73,820,001 individuals have been fully vaccinated while 21,293,632 have received boosters or additional doses.