'Erotica Manila' to bring controversy, chaos and steamy scenes

Azi Acosta and Josef Elizalde

A new series is about to be the talk of the town as it brings controversy, chaos, and a lot of steamy and thought-provoking scenes. Get ready for a rough, hot, and wild experience with Vivamax’s latest offering, Erotica Manila.

Erotica Manila is a four-part Vivamax Original Series with four stand-alone stories about the different sexcapades one can experience around Metro Manila. A series directed by Law Fajardo, it premieres this January 29, 2023, streaming exclusively on Vivamax.

Azi and Josef

The first episode, Cinema Parausan, stars Azi Acosta and Gawad Urian nominated actor - Alex Medina. A story about a film buff who goes to an old Cineplex to watch a classic erotic film. As he enters the old building, he discovers that the place not only screens erotic films but also has female and gay sex workers who offer extra service to its patrons. He also gets an offer of a promise of pleasure that he cannot resist.

Josef Elizalde

Girl 11 is the second episode, starring Josef Elizalde and Cara Gonzales. It’s about a news writer who escapes his worries and goes to a massage parlor offering a special service to customers. After a group of girls line up for him to choose from, he immediately eyes girl #11. He gets his money’s worth and spends a lustful night with this special girl. But during their intimate and intense moment, girl 11 subtly sends him a secret message.

Vince Rillon

The third episode is The MILF and the OJT, starring Vince Rillon and multi-awarded actress - Mercedes Cabral. A middle-aged sexy star has-been staying at a famed apartment while shooting for a film. Here she meets a young production intern who enters her unit. As the young intern exits, he leaves sexually satisfied.

Felix Roco

The fourth and last episode is entitled Death by Orgasm, starring Felix Roco, Alona Navarro, and Benz Sangalang. A couple accidentally impales and kills a man hiding under the bed during their intense lovemaking.

Produced by Viva, watch four stories with interesting plots and a lot more intriguing characters. Things in the metro are, yet again, about to get wild. Stream Erotica Manila, exclusively on Vivamax starting this Jan. 29.