Celebs weigh in on cyberbullying

Social media has truly made the world smaller.

With just a few clicks, people could actually reach out to their favorite celebs directly, some of whom gladly respond as quickly.

Sadly though, some fans use the power of social media the wrong way, utilizing it mainly to attack known personalities for whatever purpose.

To say that it has gotten out of hand is an understatement.

Actress Sunshine Cruz, among numerous celebs victimized by such, believes it's now a never-ending battle. 

She told us in a recent interview, "Parang hindi na mawawala. Parang magnified kaming (mga celebrities) sa ganyan, sa totoo lang."

Sometimes Sunshine can't help but respond to bashing.

"Pero I choose my battles," she said.

She noted: "Hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon kailangan mong sagutin ang mga bagay na lumalabas sa social media kasi eventually lalabas din naman ang katotohanan." 

"I always tell my kids the same as well and for them to not get affected as much."

Note, Sunshine's three girls with ex-husband Cesar Montano are now also trying to carve their own careers in show business.

According to Sunshine, she is constant in reminding her children that bashing now comes with the territory.

"Ina-assure ko na lang sila minsan na, 'Andito ang Mommy ninyo if I need to say something.' 'Let your mom do it for you,' ganyan. Kasi ako, forever naman ako magde-defend sa mga anak ko siyempre."

Sunshine's "Underage" co-stars Elijah Alejo, Lexi Gonzales, and Hailey Mendes understand where she is coming from.

Elijah revealed that she was once a victim of cyberbullying. 

Apparently, the fake news spreader is a hater of her antagonist character Brianna of "Prima Donnas."

She admitted that for a time, it bothered and affected her, to the point that she doesn't want to go out anymore and would just cry inside her room. 

Elijah has since learned to let such slide. 

She related, "Hayaan niyo sila kasi they don't know you naman e. Hindi ka naman talaga nila nakakasama palagi, nakakausap palagi. Di nila alam yung ugali mo and i-ju-judge ka lang nila because of a certain video; of a certain photo na nakita nila and hayaan mo. Just pray to God and makipag-usap ka sa friends mo if hindi mo na kaya. Katulad nga ng theme song natin 'Wag kang matakot umiyak.'"

She is hopeful that netizens will someday be more responsible in using social media.

Hailey echoed the same thing, telling these people "Mag-ingat sa mga ipo-post natin."

As to those being bullied, she says, "Maging masaya ka lang. Wag mo na lang pansinin yung mga tao. Kahit anong explain mo sa kanila, ganun talaga, may hindi naniniwala. At hindi mo kailangan patunayan sa kanila basta alam mo sa sarili mo na tama ang ginagawa mo."

Lexi couldn't agree more, pointing out that aside from actors, almost anyone can be a casualty to cyberbullying.

She said: "Kahit saan tayo mag punta meron tayong haters, meron tayong bashers and kahit anong i-post natin sa social media ang mga tao may masasabi."

"Kaya I just wanna say na dapat hindi natin intindihin yung mga bagay, mga comments na insignificant naman. O kaya may makikita tayong mga post na sobrang ma-garbo, ma fe-feel bad tayo sa mga buhay natin, sa mga sarili natin. No. Kasi gaya nga ng sabi ni Hailey, hindi lahat ng nakikita natin sa social media ay totoo. We must focus on our mind, ourselves and our spiritual lives. Yun ang pinaka-importante."

For the proper use of social media, she advised: "Think before you click."

"Ang dami ng fake news. Ang daling mag-pakalat kasi pag nakitang chismis... pero maging mapanuri tayo. Tingnan muna natin kung tama ba yung shine-share natin."

She also asked those keyboard warriors: "Oh yung mga mahilig magpakalat ng fake news, hindi ba kayo nakokonsensiya na may mga buhay kayo na naapektuhan dahil lang dyan?"

"Let us be responsible netizens."

Sunshine, Elijah, Lexi, and Hailey are to headline the remake of the 1980 film “Underage.” It follows the story of three sisters who embark on a journey to clear their names after being accused of murder.