Whenever an artist changes management, talks follow.

Transferring to a new team creates huge ripples, whereas others are done quietly. What creates the biggest buzz are talents who suddenly decide to leave without finishing their contracts.

The relationship of a talent with a manager is important. The manager negotiates with production teams, endorsement companies, and other interested parties on behalf of the talent. While the business side is taken care of, the talent can concentrate on the task at hand and ideally not worry about earnings. Of course, the manager gets a substantial fee.

The grapevine is abuzz that a Talented Artist (TA) has opted to cut ties with a Management Team (MT). TA and MT created noise when their relationship was revealed to the public. Many were shocked that TA took a big risk and MT was praised for being brave to handle a prized personality. The present management of TA then was not amused with the move. and predictably explored options that would prevent the incident from creating a precedent for other talents to follow.
Alas, things might not have worked out as expected between TA and MT. Allegedly, TA and MT have parted ways professionally. Such a decision might disappoint fans, who pinned hopes on a big project for TA care of MT. Nonetheless, TA has much to offer regardless of who will be managing her career and MT has several talents whose careers can still be made bigger.

‘There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

Her way

For a production shoot, attention to behind the scene details is important. Before an artist faces the camera, much preparation is done to ensure he/she comes out best. Thus, the roles of makeup artists and stylists are significant. Their services are part of the production budget and some artists even request specific persons to handle their looks.

In the absence of a glamour team as requested by the artist, the production team provides the needed staff to work on the needs of the artists for the shoot. One time, the glamor staff exchanged stories and agreed that Determined Celebrity (DC) was quite a handful.

Being hired for a production means one’s talent needs to be utilized, as that is the service being paid for. With DC, a staff can be put on the spot. During production, a Makeup Artist (MA) was caught in an unexpected situation. As MA tried to do her work, that is, to enhance the looks of DC, the celebrity started to meddle. Giving pointers here and there, DC allegedly took over the tools. Thus, in the end, her look was hers, and MA could only stand back. MA would not want to earn the ire of DC.

MA was not alone in the experience with DC. Apparently, other makeup artists were subjected to the same treatment. DC would always get her way when it comes to prepping up. The sad part is that the makeup artists would hear comments that DC’s looks were not made by them at all. The impact implies they did not do their jobs well with DC.

‘Sometimes the best way is to get out of your own way.’ ― Carew Papritz

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