Legarda, Tolentino back Marcos administration's US policy

Two senators on Friday, September 23 have expressed their support for President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s policy on the United States (US), a long-time ally of the Philippines.

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda said the United States is an ally the Philippines could rely on especially as a balancing force in the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

Legarda, former chairwoman of the Senate foreign affairs committee, stressed that ‘’our ties with the United States has both historical and cultural roots, and is deemed important especially during these times of global energy and food insecurity amid the climate crisis.’’

Senator Francis ‘’Tol’’ Tolentino also said he supports President Marcos' recognition of the United States as the country’s most important economic and defense ally.

The two senators were reacting to a recent meeting between Philippine President Marcos and US President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in New York.

Marcos said they talked about ‘’the deeply rooted relationship of both our countries and the millions of Filipino-Americans and Filipinos residing in the US that tie us together.’’

‘’We are optimistic that we can further strengthen our alliance as we work together towards improving the quality of life for both our peoples,’’ Marcos emphasised.

Tolentino emphasized that President Marcos’ recognition of the US as the Philippines’ most important economic and defense ally is not a "pivot" as this mirrors chronicled and deeply-rooted bonds between Filipinos and Americans.

"There has never been a shift insofar as our historical alliance with the United States is concerned,"’ he pointed out.

Tolentino said the previous Duterte administration’s "recalibrated" relations with other countries is part of the dynamics of evolving diplomacy "wherein the interests of the nation is always primordial."

"The recent events in New York should signal a more robust economic, military and people to people partnership with the United States, as it has always been," he stressed.