Fans in uproar anew over ‘Tropang LOL's’ 'Maritest' segment

“Tropang LOL,” TV5’s late morning variety show, continues to earn huge notice from fans for its controversial segment “Maritest.”

But not in a good way.

Many are not amused with some of the questions it allows, deeming these “insensitive.”

Just recently, the show and the segment made noise in social media with netizens finding fault in a question relating to a decades-old fiasco.

The question went: “Naging mag-jowa sina Ariel Rivera at Gelli de Belen nung ‘90s –pero nag-break sila for a while daw sa third party na...sino?

Among answers offered: Agot Isidro, Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Jean Garcia.

Some netizens consider the question “foul.”

Others, like film director Darryl Yap, thought it downright funny.

He even poked fun at it, writing on Facebook: “History or Gossip.”

Fans were quick to react.

While there are those who say it is history, noting the issue actually occurred and was verified by all involved, there are others who insisted it should be categorized as mere gossip, citing how it is extraneous if downright inappropriate.

As one fan explained: “Iba yung usapin na involved ang kapakanan ng lipunan, iba naman kapag mga away artista lang.”

Added another, “Kaya nagkakagulo kasi nino-normalize ang tsismis. Tuloy iisa na lang ang kategorisasyon at pananaw ng mga tao sa mga importanteng usapin at usaping marites. Hay, Pilipinas!”

This is not the first time the show and the segment were criticized.

A few months ago, K-pop fans grumbled over a question relating to a Super Junior member’s deceased father.