Small Laude recalls hardship in conceiving

Small Laude, millionaire vlogger, recently opened up on her personal life to Toni Gonzaga.

She revealed that it took her her and husband Philip Laude years before they had their firstborn.

Prior to that she was always on "fertility treatment."

"I consulted like eight to 10 OB-GYN kasi ayaw akong mag-pregnant. Hanggang one time, I went pa to China to pray. My husband and I, we danced pa sa Obando. Yes, kasi nga parang na-ho-hopeless kasi nga three years," she told Toni.

"And there was one OB-GYN who told us na 'Sorry, Small hindi ka na magkaka-baby,'" she added.

There was also a time, where she did fertility monitoring for a year.

"One week lang ako per month wala sa ospital buong year. And then suddenly, sinabi na talaga sa akin ng doctor na 'Marissa, you really have to stop doing this to yourself. You really have to relax. Stop it.' Kasi buong 12 months, every three weeks of the month nasa hospital ako."

She recalled queueing as early as 9 in the morning to get transvaginal ultrasound, among others.

Small also tried inducing the same through massage.

"I had a manghihilot," she shared, maintaining it was what helped her finally get pregnant.

So how did she react?

"Sobrang I cannot believe it," she said, pointing out how she had repeated pregnancy tests.

When it finally sank in, she decided to simply lay down on a bed.

"Ayoko ng gumalaw kasi baka mawala."

The couple eventually went on to have four kids.

Watch her full interview here: