Metro Manila’s key Covid indicators continue to drop


Key Covid-19 indicators in Metro Manila continued a downward trend, as shown in the latest monitoring of the OCTA Research Group.

OCTA fellow Dr. Guido David noted that the “decrease in cases and positivity rate in the NCR (National Capital Region) has held for two weeks now, a good sign moving forward.”

In an update shared on Twitter on Monday, Aug. 22, David said that Metro Manila’s one week Covid-19 growth rate was at -15 percent, as of Aug. 21.

This is lower than the -1 percent growth rate registered on Aug. 14.

David added that the reproduction number decreased to 1.03 as of Aug. 18, from 1.11 as of Aug. 11.

“The current seven-day average of cases is 1,055, or an ADAR (average daily attack rate) of 7.32 per 100,000 (population),” he said.

Metro Manila’s positivity rate also decreased to 14.6 percent as of Aug. 20 from 16.3 percent as of Aug. 13.

Meanwhile, the region’s healthcare utilization for Covid-19 cases remained at 37 percent.

Its ICU occupancy was at 30 percent as of Aug. 20—slightly down from 31 percent last Aug. 14.

“The NCR remains at moderate risk at this time, but the two-week decline is very encouraging,” David said.