Marcos family, friends surprise First Lady Liza on her 63rd birthday

First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos (LAM) got probably one of the biggest surprises of her life after her husband and sons, along with their family and friends, threw her a surprise birthday party as she turned 63 on August 21, Sunday.

The First Family throws a surprise party for the 63rd birthday of First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos on August 21, 2022 (Screenshot from Bongbong Marcos Facebook page)

In a video uploaded to President Marcos' YouTube and Facebook pages, the First Lady was visibly shocked when the dark room she had just entered suddenly lit up, and cheers of "Happy Birthday!" greeted her.

In a short speech, presidential son Ilocos Norte First District Representative Sandro Marcos poked fun at his mother for being embarrassed about the surprise party.

"I can see my mom getting nahihiya (embarrassed) and telling Carmela that she's fired and telling Eve that she's fired and that everyone who organized this is now fired," he said.

"Mom, happy happy birthday. We all love you so so much," he added.

The neophyte lawmaker also introduced a video they made for their matriarch's birthday. It was a "remake" of her favorite song, "My Favorite Things," from the movie "The Sound of Music."

They replaced the song's lyrics to describe LAM as someone who is organized. It also showed her as someone who likes "editing documents and having a drink" and "screenshots messages and sends them to friends."

The video, which featured LAM's head over Julie Andrews' body, made the First Lady blush and laugh at the same time.

Meanwhile, the day did not end without President Marcos coming to the stage and giving a short message for his wife's special day.

"My beloved wife, perhaps words have already been said as to how valuable she is as a person and how remarkable a person she really is," he started.

"Sometimes it's really hard to believe that she did me the favor of marrying me," he said.

The President proceeded to sing Andrew Gold's "Never Let Her Slip Away."

The First Lady's birthday coincided with a holiday, Ninoy Aquino Day, commemorating the assassination of the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. Aquino was a staunch critic of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Unlike previous administrations, Malacañang did not release a message for this year's commemoration.