Mooove over: Herd of cows takes over UK beach

Gadding Dam. Photo by Alex Liivet from Wikimedia Commons.

Beach-goers in Yorkshire, UK had to contend with staying on the rocky sides of the shore after cows took over the best tanning spots in Todmorden Beach.

The Daily Mail reported that microbiologist Jackie Holden was headed down to Gadding Dam, West Yorkshire, on August 13 when a herd of cows caught her attention. She counted 24 cows that appeared to be sunbathing on the sand.

Though she kept her distance, she couldn’t say the same for other visitors who even let their kids swim among the cows.

She said it felt dangerous to approach the cows, especially since she had been chased by them in the past when she was with her dog. Cows can be ill-tempered at times, which Jackie presumed might have been because of the weather.

The following day, Jackie returned to find that the cows were still on the beach. 

Families had pitched their tents and brought picnics as cows roamed around sniffing at people’s food.

Jackie said she had been going to the beach for years now. She would often see the cows head to the dam to cool down, but she had never seen them stay on the beach.

Nevertheless, she appreciated this rare sight. She even thought that the locals were happy about cows taking over the spot since more outsiders have been arriving at their town to visit their beach.