Manila Bulletin Agriculture

Christian Paulo Magsino: Continuing his Lolo's Legacy

I was 22 years old when I started farming. The decision was triggered by the passing of my Lolo who has been in the agriculture sector as seed grower since 1963. His name was Engr. Bienvenido Hermosura Roque, and he
was an Agriculture Engineer.

Macor and Anne Martinez: Foodie Sisters and a High-Tech Farm

While we have been planting since we were kids, hydroponics and microgreens really started in 2020 where our harvests are for our personal consumption and most of the time, being shared to our neighbors.

Fraullyn Joy Brillo and Homer Deloso: The Farming Experts

Ediscape is a farm development and agribusiness consultancy co-founded by Homer Deloso, the CEO and Chief Farming Officer, and his wife, Fraullyn. Together, they form the dynamic EDISCAPE Power Couple, sharing a vision to revolutionize the farming industry. 

Tricia Bravante and Bella Manlulo: The Beekeepers and Durian Growers

I wanted a simpler life, closer to nature. I realized I didn't need much to feel content. At 28, I quit work and gave myself a year to find what’s worth doing in life.

Chloei Capili and Christian Pabelico: Shifting from Corporate to Agriculture

At the start of the pandemic, we wanted to be far away from the urban setting and be closer to nature as much as possible.