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You may not be storing your food right

Most of us tend to store the fruits and vegetables we buy from the market in the refrigerator, believing that all products will last longer and keep fresh until they are consumed. In reality, fruits and vegetables have different ideal storage conditions to ensure longevity and freshness. Proper storage of produce is crucial to avoid unnecessary food waste because of spoilage. Storing the produce properly also maintains its taste and nutritional value.

<strong>Months designated to highlight agriculture in the Philippines</strong>

The Philippines celebrates the wonders of the country's agriculture every year through different national month-long celebrations and festivals. From rice to fish, there is a lot to celebrate and appreciate around the country.

Biofortified crops: A solution to the world’s “hidden hunger?”

Many countries around the world continue to suffer from malnutrition, also known as “hidden hunger,” which causes massive human and economic costs.

Emerging trends that may shape global agriculture this 2023

Agriculture impacts society in many ways, and determining the trends associated with the industry is essential for economies to navigate the upcoming year. From more accessible vaccines to the dawn of modern technologies, experts highlight several global trends that are likely to transform agriculture in 2023.