Here's where to buy the beauty stick we've seen in K-drama shows

Finally, we found it!

There is quite a handful of product that have made their way into our favorite K-drama series. For one, Kopiko candy has been seen handed out to different characters.

As of recent, the well-loved Extraordinary Attorney Woo series has been a blockbuster hit, with a musical and season 2 on the way. Beauty loves noticed a few product placements in this show. Female characters were seen bringing out a pink stick that resembles a blush stick and applying it all over her face, even on her lips.

A few days ago, the brand behind this beauty stick that got us curious started promoting on Facebook and Instagram.

Kahi Cosmetics is a Korean beauty brand that started in 2020. And the pink stick that we've seen in the series is the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm that moisturizes and lessen wrinkles, crow's feet lines, and the areas between brows, and under eyes. It can even be applied on your lips, split ends of hair, and can make your skin radiant, too! Its main ingredients are salmon collagen to nourish, salmon PDRN improves elasticity, and salmon proteoglycan hydrates.

Other on-the-go sticks in their lineup are Extin C Balm with vitamin C, Kisstin Balm Pink as blush, Aqua Balm for UV protection, Highlighter to add shine, and Eye Balm to care for your eyes—which is sold out as of the moment.

Avail of express shipping from their website to anywhere in the world for USD15, but an even better deal is to buy two sticks to get free express shipping.