National Tagsanay Award overall winner to be named Aug 25

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) said it is now in the last stages of its search and selection for the best technical vocational trainers in the country.


Deputy Director General Rosanna Urdaneta said TESDA is now assessing the applications of 14 technical vocational education and training (TVET) trainers vying for the 2022 Tagsanay Award.

“Among the initial 14 regional candidates, eight have successfully passed the portfolio evaluation and will proceed to the national level of the Tagsanay Award," she said in a statement.

TESDA said they will now undergo a series of online activities, such as panel interviews, computer-based examinations, and activity-based assessments, notably the enhancement of training packages.

“The country’s tech-voc trainers are among the most important links in the development of our human resources. The Tagsanay Award honors the achievements and recognizes all the hard work of these trainers,” said Urdaneta.

Held annually since 2015 as one of TESDA’s Institutional Awards, the Tagsanay Award gives recognition and incentives to tech-voc trainers who have exceeded the set requirements and have demonstrated competencies beyond expectations.

The National Tagsanay Award Overall Winner will take home a cash prize of P25,000; the 1st Runner-up P20,000; and 2nd Runner-up P15,000. Each of the top eight trainers will also receive P5,000.

Special awards include: Best Trainer’s Portfolio; Best Trainer in Computer-Based Examination; Best Trainer in Experience Sharing; Best Trainer in Activity-Based Assessment; Best Trainer in Enhancement of Training Package; Best Trainer in Online Panel Interview; National Tagsanay Overall Winner’s Institution; 1st Runner-up’s Institution; and, 2nd Runner-up’s Institution.

The National Tagsanay Award Overall Winner is expected to be named on Aug. 25 to coincide with TESDA’s 28th anniversary celebration.