Meet the ultimate party-prepping skin-brightening peel that works in seconds!

Every season is a party season! If you are looking for a one-stop does-it-all facial treatment that gives your instant brightening and hydration, then look no further.⁠ Origani is here to give you the ultimate party-prepping skin-brightening peel that works in seconds.

Introducing Origani’s Manuka Honey Peel
The Icon. The Miracle. The Cure. Manuka Honey Peel is easily Australia’s skin peeling-favorite and, undoubtedly, the best-selling product. This peel provides dual exfoliation and helps to even out skin tone. But that’s not all, thanks to the high ingredient concentration, you’ll be getting a massive dose of 250MGO manuka honey which means you can expect antibacterial benefits and a boost to the radiance of your skin. All this adds up to a more youthful-looking complexion thanks to the reduction of fine lines and hydration boost offered by our Manuka Honey Peel.

10 Benefits in 10 Seconds
One secret to our famous Manuka honey peel's success comes from its unique texture. A healthy dose of pure 250MGO Manuka honey is blended into this refreshingly hydrating golden gel offering an unparalleled exfoliating gommage experience.  

10 is the magic number, and here are the Top 10 benefits for your skin in only 10 seconds.
1. Removes dead, dry, and flaky skin cells.
2. Reveals fresh skin.
3. Stimulates skin cell regeneration.
4. Unclogs pores, preventing congestion.
5. Evens skin coloring.
6. Smooths the skin surface.
7. Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
8. Stimulates blood circulation.
9. Improves hydration.
10. Allows other skin care products to better absorb.

Harnessing the power and brilliance of organic Ingredients
Origani Philippines really is giving its all by bringing the freshest and most fabulous Manuka honey to our ingredients list, all the way down from Australia to Metro Manila. Manuka Honey peel harnesses the power of antioxidants and Vitamin B to help hydrate and soothe the skin. Trust in the brilliance of certified organic ingredients. Combined with a low-pH product, such as our Dermassure Clear and Calm Toning cleanser to fight acne and boost your glow.

Our focused formulas deliver profound benefits deep within the skin's surface to help achieve your ideal skin. Discover the Manuka Honey Peel and grab yourself your own jar!

Join the hype and be part of the Origani Beauty Community. This conic Manuka Honey Peel is beautifully available across all branches of Origani in the Philippines. You can visit our inline and kiosk stores or reach us on our social media handles! We’re available to bring you your very first-ever hero product and skin-peeling favorite today!