Hey, theater artists! Here’s your chance to harness your production skills

The NCCA brings back E-Turo Dula

For many artists, every day is a chance for learning, whether it is about discovering something new or absorbing new information that will strengthen one’s skills. If you’re a practicing theater artist, here’s your chance to broaden your knowledge about your craft. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts - Committee on Dramatic Arts (NCCA-CDA) brings back its online theater learning program “e-TuroDula.”

Photo from NCCA-CDA

First launched during the 2021 Arts Month, “e-Turo Dula” aims to help Filipino theater artists in harnessing their skills and knowledge about performance and theater management through six online courses.

These courses will be helmed by some of the theater industry’s esteemed professionals from all over the Philippines. According to a post by the NCCA-CDA, each course will total 18 hours, divided into six, three-hour weekly sessions that combine online and offline modes. After being accepted, students are required to attend two classes prior to their chosen course and a brief session about the history of Philippine Theater.

In partnership with the Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts. “E-Turo Dula” features covers Research for a Theater Production, Theater for Development, The Art of Managing Theater, Traditional Forms in Contemporary Contexts: The Practice of Sining Kambayoka Ensemble, and Practices of Community Theater. This time, the program is also offering a new course, which centers on Philippine musical theater. Leading the program is Jazmin B. Llana as curriculum director. 

Here are the requirements if you want to join:

1. No prior educational qualification except that the student should have reading and writing skills in Filipino and English at junior high school level at least.

2. The student has interest and experience in the subject areas covered by the course and can articulate a brief Statement of Purpose (300 words), declaring why s/he is enrolling in the course and of what use would be the learning after completion.

3. The student is a bonafide member of a Filipino theater/performance collective/group and should be endorsed by the group’s artistic director.

4. The student has internet connectivity capacity sufficient for active participation in synchronous learning activities.

Applications end on Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. Click this link or visit NCCA-CDA’s Facebook page to know more about E-Turo Dula.

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