Fame and fortune of celebrities could have been the result of connections, timing, and hard work. While some talents had their paths carved for them as members of showbiz clans, others relied on whatever means they could to fulfill their dream.

When Lucky Celebrity (LC) started, her career move was not due to having connections, joining a talent search, or auditioning for a spot in a show. LC had the hand of fate around her when she made that first appearance on air. LC captured the curiosity of the viewers and the production team. Consequently, LC had her moments and established her identity that early. Alas, she peaked quickly and realized the frustrations her dream brought.

LC had to think. Her current state was not competitive enough and without support, quitting was a possible choice. Again, luck was on her side. LC found people who trusted she could become a big star. They reinvented her. No longer was LC the same naïve person and she came out shining after a career decision.

Now, people are shocked that LC has been turning down appearances left and right. Success has a price and LC has a worth in mind. Whereas, then, LC prayed to appear on television, now, she has to be paid to show up.

‘Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less.’ − Tony Gaskins

Generous hearts

Celebrities who utilize the services of many hotels often develop trustworthy relationships with the staff to make their transactions smooth. For example, when Popular Celebrity (PC) needs a room, she gets assigned to one of the most expensive. She subsequently receives VIP treatment. PC merely informs a Staff Friend (SF) that she wants the room for the night and SF ensures its availability. From the parking area, PC receives the key, takes the elevator, and goes straight to the room. She skips the checking-in routine and avoids being seen at the lobby, thanks to SF.

Usually PC bonds with her female friends in the room. However, when male visitors are expected, PC arrives near midnight and leaves before sunrise.
One time, an hour after PC checked-in, Male Celebrity (MC) arrived wearing shades, jacket, and cap. MC did not want to be recognized and thus, disguised himself. By contrast, Actor Politician (AP) was not into hiding his identity. He would arrive earlier but leave later than PC. No one would think he was at the place to meet PC. To ensure her secrets were kept, PC generously tipped SF and the rest of the staff.

‘When you are entrusted with a secret, you become irrevocably accountable for what you do or don't do after your mind is colored by the knowledge of it.’ - Joyce Rachelle

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