Exclusive: Nina Dizon-Cabrera shares more about seed funding for Niv Della

Things are about to get even more exciting for Colourette and Fresh Formula

It takes a lot of courage to become an entrepreneur, more so when your products are very well-received by consumers. It’s a 24/7 job with sleepless nights thinking of how to lead the company and your employees to the next chapter. 

That’s why it is a blessing to be surrounded with like-minded entrepreneurs and support systems who wish you well and are game to lend a hand when needed. One such entrepreneur is Nina Dizon-Cabrera of Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula (under Niv Della company) who has been leading the company since its inception in 2015, with each product released making waves in the local Philippine beauty scene. 

This week, Niv Della announced the good news that they closed seed funding with Foxmont Capital Partners, an independent venture capital firm that prioritizes Filipino startups with successful digital executions. "We are excited to announce Foxmont's investment in Niv Della. We see high potential in the Philippine D2C beauty segment, and believe Niv Della's Colourette and Fresh Formula are strong brands that will continue to see impressive growth. We have worked on a compelling strategy with Nina and her team that involves new product launches, sales channel expansion, and distribution partnerships through Foxmont's network that will help the company scale rapidly," explains Franco Varona, managing partner at Foxmont Capital Partners.

Manila Bulletin Lifestyle reached out to Nina to ask for more details on this exciting chapter. 

MB: How did the two companies meet? 
Truth is, we were actually introduced by the founder of Etaily, Alexander Friedhoff, who was already part of Foxmont’s portfolio. I then presented Colourette’s brand deck and our vision for the brand and everything went on from there 

MB: What are you most excited about regarding this support?
Nina: A lot of things! Aside from the funding which will definitely help scale up an SME (small/medium enterprise) like Colourette, I’m more excited about the mentoring and the guidance Foxmont partners will be giving me. For the longest time, I’ve had no mentors and no direction, and it just feels refreshing to finally have someone you can go to whenever you make business initiatives and decisions.

MB: Can you share the reasons that made you say yes to them?
Nina: Foxmont has been very supportive from the very beginning. I honestly didn’t know anything about venture capital firms and the practice that goes within it but they helped me understand it better. That sense of support made me interested in building compelling strategies with them that eventually made me say “yes.” Aside from that, I saw the potential growth of my company not only with the seed fund but as well as with the network that comes with this partnership.MB: What’s next in your vision for Niv Della?
Nina: We’re geared to invest in brand development, product innovation, people and tech growth, and online and offline expansion. Ultimately, our vision as a company is to inspire Filipino beauty worldwide, and I say we’re on the right track!