Police class celebrates anniversary through outreach program

TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- Four young people who are all sick became the beneficiaries of a group of police here in celebration of their class anniversary on August 9.

The Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC) PANATABAK AT MATAGILA Class 2015-2, assigned to the Kalinga Provincial Police Office, celebrated their seventh anniversary through an outreach program in the town of Rizal and Tabuk City.

Using the money collected from their contribution, the members of the said class were able to help their four beneficiaries.

Their first beneficiary was a 10-year-old child who is a resident of Barangay Gobgob, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

The child who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy was gifted with a wheelchair and various grocery items from the said class.

Their second beneficiary was a 16-year-old resident of Barangay Santor, Rizal, Kalinga. The boy who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease was given maintenance medication for six months.

He was also gifted with a box of grocery items.

The two brothers who are still residents of Barangay Gobgob are their third and fourth beneficiaries. They were given cash assistance and various grocery items and fruits.