Maroon 5 removes Rising Sun flag image from world tour photo after protests from Korea

Band Maroon 5 replaced an image depicting a Rising Sun flag from a photo on their website after Korean fans protested.

Maroon 5 will be embarking on their world tour including South Korea on Nov. 30 at Gocheok Sky Dome.

The original photo for Maroon 5's World Tour 2022 (top) depicted a Rising Sun flag, which was changed to a photo with the members (bottom) after Korean fans protested (Photos from Maroon 5's website)

However, Korean fans protested after Maroon 5 used an image similar to a Rising Sun flag to promote the world tour.

As of July 6, the image was already deleted and replaced with a photo of the band members.

The Rising Sun flag has deep historical meaning for South Korea. They view the flag as a symbol of Japan’s imperialism when it occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945, comparing it to the Nazi’s swastika flag.

When the photo was posted on Maroon 5’s website, Korean netizens called for a boycott of the band’s concert in Korea.

“Foreigners never seem to understand why the rising sun flag is so problematic while they foam at the mouths over the Nazi flag,” one netizen commented on an article about the controversy, according to Netizen Buzz.

Other comments from Korean netizens are:

- “Just go perform in Japan and skip our country. For people who get so up in arms over the Nazi flag, it's sad how ignorant everyone is over the rising sun flag. All they care about is making money in our country”

- “Why do trash like them even bother coming to our country? Don't attend their concerts. There are a ton of great songs in this world that aren't Maroon 5's”

- “Let's please show disrespectful bands like them some Korean pride and patriotism. They need to be made to reflect and apologize over this so let's please boycott them. Don't let them walk all over you like you have no spine. Please.”

- If you choose to go and enjoy a concert featuring the same flag that the Japanese soldiers held while killing your own grandparents, then please understand that you are problematic. I'm sure Maroon 5 had so many other options to design a flag that best represents their band. Not sure why they thought this was the best design to carry to Korea... I truly don't.”

- “Time to boycott Maroon 5”

- “Either they're ignorant of the meaning or they hate Korea”

- “If they truly did not know, then all they have to do is accept the protests, apologize, and change the design. They probably have plenty of other designs to choose from, and it's the concert that matters in the end.”