TESDA offers more than 500 diploma programs

More than 500 higher-level technical vocational education and training (TVET) or diploma programs are now being offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in various schools and training centers nationwide.


TESDA said these diploma programs offer tech-voc trainees, graduates and middle-level workers better chances to qualify for jobs with bigger responsibilities, such as supervisors.

It added that the programs also offer workers and tech-voc graduates more ways to upgrade their qualifications or proceed for further studies in college.

“Through these diploma programs, we provide Filipinos, especially those with limited financial capacities, with pathways through which they may earn Baccalaureate degrees,” said TESDA Director General Danilo P. Cruz in a statement Sunday, July 31.

"These higher-level tech-voc programs help ensure a steady supply of technicians and technologists for industries, particularly in more advanced countries," he added.

Diploma programs include courses in technical vocational trades, and general education and management. These programs, which are three years in duration, are aligned with Level 5 of the Philippine Qualifications Framework and aim to produce workers commonly referred to as "technologists." TESDA had previously issued guidelines regarding diploma program implementation, requiring technical vocational institutions to have partnership arrangements with higher education institutions to facilitate the transfer of their students’ academic credits.

This allows TESDA’s diploma program graduates to continue their studies in college by having their TVET qualifications and competencies recognized as part of their intended baccalaureate program, Cruz explained. “TESDA had also issued guidelines to align its diploma programs with the accreditation processes of the Dublin and Sydney Accords. These accords are international agreements that establish the required educational base for engineering technicians and technologists,” he said.

Institutions with training programs that are aligned with these standards lay the groundwork for their eventual Dublin and Sydney Accord accreditations. In the meantime, these training programs would otherwise be producing technicians and technologists with knowledge and skills at par with international standards.

To date, there are 525 diploma programs being implemented by public and private institutions which include such titles as Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology; Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology; Diploma in Automotive Technology; Diploma in Agricultural Technology; Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology; and, Diploma in Information Technology, among others.

TESDA said those interested in enrolling in the said diploma programs may visit their nearest regional office.