Zia Quizon uploads 'proof of wife'

Zia Quizon, daughter of Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla, recently shared some photos taken during her wedding.

One of these shows two hands with wedding rings.

"proof of wife," her caption read. "(for all Marites “concerned”)"

Another post shows Zia in a white dress.

"GrATTITUDE (I could never thank you enough)," she wrote.

" zauvek vaša (yours always), snajka."

Prior, Zia called out a certain writer whom she alleged to have "invented" the last name of her husband in an article.

Zia wrote: "In all seriousness, though... This tasteless, click-baity disregard for the dignity of an actual human being has more to do with why I CHOOSE to have a very limited interaction with the entertainment industry than anything else."

"Especially after the media circus that followed the passing of my father," she added.

According to her, as much as she understands that Dolphy was a public figure and that everyone on the other end is just "doing their job," - he was not to her.

"He was my father. And it made that much more difficult to process the grief of his loss," she related.

So Zia made a conscious decision.

"To not let this toxic, systematic exploitation of the tragedy of other people's lives a part of mine any longer."

"Believe me when I say, there was so much more joy I would I have liked to have given the world through song. But it did not seem worth the trouble it was also causing in my personal life," she said. "In a lot of ways, being a public figure felt like throwing a party - a party where strangers invited themselves into your home. And I no longer felt safe doing that."

"So, as sad as I am not to be able to share this wonderful moment of my life with those who care about me on a more public platform, I hope those who truly care about me will understand. That it is not they who are not invited, but this," she explained.