Here are some of the biggest misconceptions people think about beauty queens

Binibining Pilipinas 2022 contestants get real about people’s preconceived notions about them

Pageants have been among the many topics depicted in comedy films and TV shows. In some ways, it kind of shaped what we think about beauty contests as they gave us an “insider’s view” of the things that happened beyond the stage. From women sabotaging fellow contestants to them being vain and only concerned about their looks, these scenes have made many laugh for a brief time but have also created untrue images of the ladies competing in pageants. 

As Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan wrote, “to be a pageant contestant in the era of third- and fourth-wave feminism means tackling all the preconceived notions about beauty queens.” And that is what some of the hopefuls of Binibining Pilipinas 2022 did in their recent interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. The ladies debunk people’s misconceptions about beauty queens today and share what truly happens behind the scenes before they compete for the coveted crown. Read their revelations below:

Bb. 7 Graciella Lehman

The biggest misconception people think about us being queen is that we set unrealistic standards of beauty and we are being objectified at some point. I must say that this is not true. We, beauty queens, are very vocal about our advocacies. Our platforms speak louder than our physical attributes.—Bb. 7 Graciella Lehman (Oriental Mindoro)

Bb. 33 Mary Justinne Punsalang

Yung ganda lang yung kailangan mo. Effortless, parang ganayan. I used to think na kapag beauty queen ka, kailangan maganda ka lang. Madali lang yung trabaho. But in joining Binibining Pilipinas, na-realize ko na super wrong. Una, kailangan mo ng pera. Madaming gastos for every activities. It is also part of taking care of yourself kasi. You cannot go somewhere na lapot-lapot ka na. You really need to invest on taking care of yourself, to hire a team. Also, akala mo madali lang siya kasi lalakad ka lang. Pero mahirap pala yung training ng pasarella. Ang daming aspeto. And you also have to train your mind. Hindi pwedeng laman yung utak mo. When they ask questions, kailangan meron kang matinong sagot. At the end of the day, beauty queens are ambassadors and must serve as inspirations to the young ones.—Bb. 33 Mary Justinne Punsalang (Cavite)

Bb. 28 Gabrielle Basiano

The biggest misconception about being a beauty queen is that we are just beautiful. But it is more than that. Being a beauty queen means that you are willing to share your experiences with all the people around you. To inspire them and motivate them. Being the first runner-up last year (2021) has really helped me to touch more people’s lives. I’m very happy to have that opportunity.—Bb. 28 Gabrielle Basiano (Borongan, Eastern Samar)

Bb. 35 Diana Mackey

The biggest misconception about beauty queens is that we are supposed to be perfect all the time. To be the nicest person all the time. That’s overrated. Beauty queens nowadays are relatable and approachable to people. We also have to show our vulnerability, because vulnerability is power. Perfection is overrated. We appreciate a natural and relatable queen—Bb. 35 Diana Mackey (Nueva Ecija)

See these beauty queens in action below:

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@manilabulletinlifestyle Today on #MBLifestyle Life + Leisure with Bb. 7 Graciella Lehman and Bb. 28 Gabrielle Basiano : What is the biggest misconception people think about beauty queens? For more #SocialNewsPH, visit #arts #culture #leisure #newsph #foryoupage #fyp #BeFullyInformed #IAmBinibini #BbPilipinas2022 #BBPGrandCoronation2022 ♬ SUN GOES DOWN - Andreas Roehrig

The Grand Coronation Night of the 58th edition of Binibining Pilipinas 2022 is happening on July 31, Sunday, 9 p.m., at the Araneta Coliseum. It will be live-streamed on the pageant’s official Youtube channel.

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