Ex-barangay chair manning construction of his eatery in Quezon gunned down

QUEZON -- A 63-year-old former barangay chairman was shot dead by an unidentified assailant on Friday noon at Barangay Pahinga Norte in Candelaria town.

Dead-on-the-spot was Eduardo De Chavez Raymundo, businessman and former barangay chief of Pahinga Norte, according to a police report.

Around 1:30 p.m., the victim was manning the construction of his eatery at Buncayo Subdivision in the said village when he was shot several times by the gunman.

He was hit on different parts of the body.

The investigators though could not determine how many were the suspects and the getaway vehicle used to escape.

Police recovered four empty shells of unknown caliber and two slugs from the scene.

The Candelaria Philippine National Police were still conducting an investigation to identify the killer/s and the motive through a dragnet operation they launched minutes after the crime.