Celebrities on July 27 quake

Several celebrities took to social media to share their thoughts on the recent earthquake that rocked several parts of the country recently.

Among them were Janno Gibbs, Sunshine Guimary and Joe Black who were all in La Union shooting scenes for an upcoming film when it occurred.

Janno wrote: "Here shooting in La Union. We felt the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, hard. We're near the epicenter, Vigan."

He added: "Hope everyone's safe."

Joe admitted: "Nginig ako sa lindol sizt."

Sunshine, meanwhile, related that it was the most "traumatic" earthquake she experienced.

"I insert my self under the TV shelves," she shared. "Those moment getting out is not an option coz my dog is missing."

According to her, the first shake didn't bother her, explaining "sanay na ako."

"But in just a matter of second, (in) just a blink of an eye everything change(d) 7.1 magnitude strike!"

Sunshine said her heart "exploded" and "rattled" while her nerves were shaking as she cried looking for her furbaby.

Meanwhile, broadcast journalist Noli De Castro was interviewing Dr. Maria Minerva Calimag on "Teleradyo" when the doctor suddenly exclaimed, "Naku, lumilindol!"

The interview was cut.

Noli said: “Ilocos Sur. Follow-up, lumilindol. Si Dra. Maria Minerva Calimag, nawala ang kanyang signal dahil sabi niya, lumilindol. Malikot nga yung kanyang video."

"Ilocos Sur! Susmaryosep, ano ba ang nangyayari sa daigdig? Baka kailangan ho dagdagan natin ang ating mga dasal.”

Later, Noli felt the tremor.

“O, uy, teka muna, lumilindol din dito! Susmaryosep, ano ba? Akala ko, nahihilo lang ako. Mga kabayan, nararamdaman ho namin ang lindol. Aba, kung Ilocos Sur at aabot dito, malakas!"

Karen Davila was interviewing Negros Oriental House Representative Arnolfo Teves Jr. for ANC's "Headstart" when it happened.

“Uy, there’s an earthquake,” said Arnolfo.

Karen answered: “I know. I’m feeling it right now. We are live right now and I’m feeling the earthquake. Alright, well... I live in a condo so it’s shaking right now."

"We’re gonna go into a quick break. Stay with us."

Kim Chiu, on the other hand, uploaded a clip of her during the earthquake.

"Eto lang na video ko sa pagka over over ng lindol!!!!!!!! ang tagal and nakakatakot sa lakas ah!!!!! Akala ko nasa dagat ako na sobrang ma alon! I kennot! kamusta kayo? Naramdaman nyo din ba sa area nyo?"