Maegan Aguilar makes dramatic TV comeback

It has been a while since Maegan Aguilar, daughter of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar, has been seen on TV.

It was such that many were surprised seeing her as contestant on "Eat Bulaga's" "Bida Next" contest over the weekend.

Maegan did so simply for her children.

Apparently, one of his kids, Zane, is currently in the US under the care of her ex-partner.

"'Yun po ang purpose why sumali po ako ng ‘Bida Next,’ kasi napapanood po tayo all around the world, 'di ba? Hopefully my son gets to see this and sees me now... I miss him. I miss my son,” Maegan related.

The singer-songwriter waxed emotional when asked if she has a message for her son.

She said, “Mommy’s here and I’m still trying my best so that when you come to the Philippines, you can live with mommy, and you’ll have a special room in my house. Don’t forget me, okay? I love you. I love you, Zane.”

Maegan has two other children with two other exes.

One of the kids is staying with Freddie.

According to Maegan, this is because "favorite po ni Tatay yung anak ko."

“And then yung bunso ko, I get along naman with that ex of mine, so I see her when I can."

Seemingly eager to explain the setup, Maegan related, "Kasi nga po andami ko pong pinagdaanan, e. Lalo na nung pandemic. I kind of lost everything.”

"It was a choice that I had to make," she went on. “Dahil dumaan po ako sa mahirap na stage ng buhay ko, and I don’t want my kids to suffer..."

She is now married to her longtime boyfriend.

“Ikinasal na rin kami last year despite everything," Maegan shared. "Actually he’s my only kasama in my life right now."

As to her relationship with her father, she said, "Kami ni Tatay, meron din kaming distance right now. We’re not on good terms. Because of the choices I made in my life, he doesn’t approve. Mahirap mag-explain so pinapasa-Diyos ko na lang din iyon na one day I could be fixed with my father as well.”

She is hoping that with her children seeing her on TV, they would be somehow proud of her.

“Right now I have to focus on the future, whatever it is. That’s why when I saw this ‘Bida Next,’ I’m gonna do the rules and regulations of this audition, and I will join kasi this is the longest-running show, right? Everybody can watch this. And this is how I can make my kids proud. Yun na lang po ang aking focus."