How did Claudia Barretto react after Dennis and Marjorie posted separate b-day greetings for her?

Claudia Barretto, daughter of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto, is celebrating her 23rd birthday today, July 26.

Eager to commemorate the moment is Dennis who actually took to social media to greet her daughter the evening prior.

He did so twice.

First he posted a photo of a young Claudia.

He wrote, “Dearest Claui... Happy birthday anak... Miss you... God bless you more!!”

A few moments later, he posted a photo of them together.

He wrote, “Happiiii bday anak... God bless you more claui.... Love you.”

It isn’t known if Claudia saw both.

Whatever the case may be, she didn’t issue a reaction.

This, even with some fans tagging her.

Marjorie had a different experience posting an appreciation message for her on social media.

She wrote, “Beauty, intelligence, wit, humor, hardworker, determined, strives for perfection, organized, full of grace and strength. That is Claudia to me and her siblings. You have been living your life to the fullest and you deserve it, Clau because you have proven to be independent and very responsible. What an epic year it has been for you. Happy Happy 23rd Birthday my love. I’m proud and blessed to be your Mom. You don’t need me much anymore but you know how I am just behind you praying and rooting for you!”

Claudia responded, “Will always need you mom! I love you.”

Not a few fans commiserated with Dennis.

Others urged Claudia to at least give thanks to her dad but as of writing, she is yet to do so.

Only a few weeks ago Dennis was castigated by his son Leon for “public shaming” his sisters.

Dennis apologized.