Fake news, 'Marites', to hound Marcos admin --- ES Rodriguez

Executive Secretary Vic Rodriguez said the current administration will continue to be hounded by fake news and the "Marites" as long as President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is the chief executive.

Executive Secretary Vic Rodriguez (MPC Pool)

Rodriguez said this after reports that he resigned from his post on July 21, a claim he denied on Friday.

In an interview with Malacañang reporters, the long-time Marcos spokesman said fake news is no stranger to them as they were already dealing with false reports since the campaign period.

"As you know, we are being followed and hounded by fake news as early as the campaign," he said.

"I think it will continue that way for as long as he is the President," he added.

According to Rodriguez, no one in the Marcos administration is required to explain reports from unverifiable sources, including the "Marites."

Marites, a name that ultimately became a Filipino colloquial term, refers to people who like to gossip. The slang is said to be a combination of "Mare, ito ang latest (Sis, this is the latest)."

"We cannot be held to explain something unverifiable or chismis lang dahil (rumors because) we don't want to end up explaining something that need not be explained. We will only explain things that are coming from verifiable sources," he said.

"If it's fake news or bordering on fake news, or Marites, I don't think it's proper for anyone, whether a government functionary or an ordinary person, to be asked and made to explain," he added.