FASHION PULIS: Making the justification

Before things could drastically fall apart and respect disappear, Glamourous Girl (GG) thought hard on the effects of an alleged incident.

GG has been in a relationship with Male Celebrity (MC) for quite a while. Time proved kibitzers wrong as GG and MC never got into issues that landed in social media. Their relationship moved smoothly.

As GG and MC seemed to move towards permanent stability, they managed to stir the calmness among their followers. The two had no foreshadowing that something was troubling their relationship. They kept it well hidden until the day they decided to move on without each other. However, according to rumors, it was GG who felt the decision to quit was necessary.

Allegedly, GG was flattered when Good-looking Hunk (GH) gave her much attention. GH is a sought-after personality in various showbiz functions and events. He is quite talented and can talk his way into anything. Apparently, GG was affected with the flattery as she allegedly felt something. Thus, GG doused the possibility of her cheating and hurting MC if she decides to give in to more flirting with GH.

Meanwhile, GH has been linked to many beautiful talents in the industry but he has kept mum on the status of his heart.

‘Everything in life is about timing. I've been able to have my experiences and learn from them and kind of figure out the thing that works for me and is best for me, and that's all I can really say.’ − Ciara

Boyfriend’s pending debt

Meticulous Relation (MR) is allegedly trying to keep calm at the way Forgiving Kin (FK) has been handling her personal affairs.

For a time, FK has been involved with Dashing Dude (DD). MR has grown to accept DD as he has been good to FK’s career and later on, her heart. As FK and DD made projects together or separately, MR has provided guidance and support for the two.

These days, however, MR might be singing a different tune. FK found out that DD has been deviating from the loyalty required in a relationship. MR believed that DD’s alleged indiscretions are grounds for FK to rethink the relationship.

Yet, FK chose to forgive than to break up her relationship and quash rumors of their parting of ways. Although MR respected the decision of FK, she discovered something that added to her dismay.

Part of the success of FK is the ability of MR to handle financial matters. FK is even on an allowance setup to ensure unwise spending would not waster their hard work. MR, meanwhile, was surprised when FK would ask for a bit more. She wondered on what FK was spending. Then, she found out FK had lent DD a substantial amount of around eight figures.

Hence, if FK broke off the relationship, the loan might be impossible to get back. After all, once money issues are revealed in the aftermath of a breakup, the parties are placed in bad light. DD not only has been forgiven for his affair, he has a strong financial hold on FK as well. Such a lucky guy and MR can only be patient as it is FK’s life.

‘Anyone lucky enough to be entrusted with your heart would be a fool to treat it carelessly.’ ― Jessie Mihalik

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