Here's how to lift your face—with a little extra help

And it can do so much more

There is no excuse not to look your best. With so many technological advancements, especially in the beauty industry, one just needs to be informed of the many options one can avail. 

From eating right, ingestibles, topical creams to non-invasive and invasive treatments, there’s surely one or two that will suit your preference and lifestyle. And, nowadays, people are more open to availing treatments using the best that science has to offer, be it machines or injectables. 

Looking at the mirror on a daily basis, have you ever noticed your face losing volume and, sometimes, sagging? How does one bring back fullness and lift? Merz Aesthetics, who is behind the much talked about Ultherapy, reintroduces Easy Adapt HA (hyaluronic acid) Filler, an injectable that can keep one looking naturally younger without the obvious “help” from this filler. 

"The company seeks to increase the understanding about dermal fillers and debunk myths that surround it and open the conversation without fear of being judged or frowned upon. Though the Easy Adapt HA filler has been available in the Philippines since 2016, many consumers still don’t know the difference between dermal filler brands. The Easy Adapt HA filler is created with the unique Cohesive Polydensified Matrix(CPM) Technology. It makes this particular HA filler blend well into skin, thereby, making the result looks and feels more natural," Merz Aesthetics tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. 

AT YOUR SERVICE. Dr. Beverly Ong-Amoranto, MD and Dr. Jonathan Yu, MD (center) with Merz Aesthetics team

Dra. Beverly Ong-Amoranto, dermatologist specializing in dermatologic and laser surgery, adds, "It has the unique (and patented) CPM technology that makes the product blend well into the skin for a more natural effortless looking result."

Ong-Amoranto, who holds clinic at Azala Dermatology, also recommends availing of this treatment when you are in your mid to late twenties. "This is to help slow down signs of aging," she explains. "For older individuals, this is usually done for correction of volume loss, among many other concerns." This dermal filler can also fill in moderate facial wrinkles, contour lips, brows, and cheeks, and smoothens fine lines. As for maintenance concerns, "It depends on the variant of the filler, but it can usually last up to one year, so this is done once or twice a year."

FRESH POST SESSION. Jigs Mayuga, Regine Angeles, Rogue Jimenez

Their ambassadors also attest to the efficacy of the product, inside and out. Makeup artist Jigs Mayuga shares, "I can now literally say that 'I woke up like this!' Facing each day with confidence, because of how fresh my skin looks in the morning with Easy Adapt HA Fillers." Mom Regine Angeles also feels more confident when she has fillers injected under her eyes, making her look fresh. Rogue Jimenez was happy to share that her laugh lines were reduced and gave her skin an overall fresh look. And all with little or no downtime.

For those who are curious how they would look post-session, download the Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MYSELF) app. Through this, you can try different beauty fillers so you can preview how it would look on your face, giving you an idea of how this filler can work for you.

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