Digitalization of services remains SSS' top priority

The Social Security System (SSS) said on Monday, July 18, that the digitalization of services remains one of the state-run pension fund’s top priorities in the coming years.


“In 2021, out of the 52.62 million transactions we received, excluding inquiries, 43.52 million or 82.7 percent were made using our online channels,” SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Michael G. Regino said.

To keep up with the new norm of online transactions which notably boomed at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, SSS is planning to add more services to its online channels such as the My.SSS Portal, SSS Mobile App, Text-SSS, uSSSap Tayo Portal, and Self-service Express Terminals.

“Since the My.SSS Portal is our main online channel, almost all of the new online services are made available here first. However, intensified efforts are also put towards making the services in this portal accessible in the SSS Mobile App for smartphone users," Regino added.

SSS shared that there are over 30 member services and 20 employer services that can be accessed through the My.SSS Portal.

The services cover "transactions for membership, contributions, loan granting and repayments, benefit disbursements, among others," which can also be accessed using other SSS online channels.

Regino noted that the agency is gradually implementing mandatory online transactions but those without personal means to go online can use the SSS "e-Centers" located in every branch.