Maggie Wilson: 'I'm scared for mine and my family's life'

Maggie Wilson

Former beauty queen-turned-businesswoman Maggie Wilson took to social media after she claimed that several men entered her home illegally on July 15.

Maggie aired her ordeal in a six-minute video she uploaded on Instagram.

"I'm scared for mine and my family's life," said Maggie in the video clip.

Maggie was not around when people working for Victor Consunji Development Corporation entered her home at 4 p.m. She said she was on a business trip at the time of the incident.

"Both members of Victor Consunji Development Corp. accompanied by the local barangay of Bambang, Taguig, on behalf of Victor Consunji and DMCI, entered my home illegally, with no notice, no warrant, and no proper paperwork. They stated that the property is owned by DMCI despite me explaining over the phone, on multiple occasions, that there is a contract that exists on the property signed by Bernie Mendoza himself," said Maggie.

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