GOSSIP GIRL: Unsolicited advice on commitment for Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana, Donita Rose and Felson Palad

Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana (Pat Dy)

My heart broke when the uncle of GMA Sparkle star Carla Abellana, Jojo Abellana, confirmed that actor Tom Rodriguez and his niece Carla Abellana are already taking steps to file for annulment ending their marriage after being together for three months.

Abellana tells Gossip Girl: “They have been married for three months, but they have been together for seven years. Tom recently came to his father-in-law's house,  Pj (Jojo’s brother). We were trying to talk to Tom, praying that both of them can still be able to pick up the pieces and fix their marriage kasi sayang naman yung seven years. But it seems like there are more problems than what is being circulated in media, and I do not think I am in the right position to share anything regarding this sensitive matter. I am just here to request for prayers for Carla and Tom as they go through these rough times in their lives.”

The news about Tom and Carla’s marriage is devastating. But there is always a silver lining in dark skies, and the announcement of actress Donita Rose And U.S. based singer Felson Palad’s engagement is refreshing after depressing news of breakups.

To all husbands and wives, as one whose marriage has lasted for 22 years, here’s my take on the commitment. Donita and Felson, here is some unsolicited advice that you can definitely pick up on. Tom and Carla, just in case there is still a little space in your heart for forgiveness, please consider this advice below. 

Donita Rose and Felson Palad (Facebook)

When you enter a marriage, that’s a commitment. You have to have a made-up mind that you are in it for the long haul. In relationships with your spouse, there may be times that you may have a good reason to get out. They did things to hurt you, they didn't perform perfectly, they let you down. You could justify walking away. Nobody would fault you, but when you're committed, you show mercy, you give second chances, you make allowances for mistakes. They may not deserve it, they may be guilty, but only the guilty need mercy. Stay committed to your family. Stay committed to your spouse. Be someone they can count on. 

Husbands and wives, there will be plenty of times when you will be  tempted to walk away from a marriage. Your spouse does not appreciate you, never tells you thank you. You could slack off, take the easy way out, but what you can't see is there's a double portion up in front of you if stay committed when it's hard. Do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening. Keep loving that man, that woman, even though they don't deserve it. When you stay loyal, consistent, faithful, a double portion is coming, double favor, double honor, double resources, God will pay you back for staying committed.

A true partner walks in when everybody else walks out. A true partner will be there for you not just when you succeed, but when you fail, and you realize there are times that a relationship comes to an end, you have to move on, but don't let that be a pattern, where you bail out if they're not meeting all your demands, living up to your expectations. People make mistakes. Good people can blow it. People that love you can let you down. God rewards people who are consistent when life is complicated. People that will stick with someone when they don't deserve it, people that will be their best when someone else was at their worst.

Committed people outlast the difficulty. Committed people stick with the relationship even though they have a right to walk away. Committed people go the extra mile and do more than they have to. Stay committed. Stay faithful. Stay loyal. If you do, committed people reach the fullness of their destinies.