FASHION PULIS: Think before you send

Media Practitioner (MP) has always kept a low profile.

That is, except for a controversy that surprised many of his followers.

Unfortunately, MP found himself displaced and looking for a new home to showcase his talents.

MP thankfully found one and continued to make a name for himself with a new set of audience.

Like many of his contemporaries, MP projected himself as a model personality. He has a family and a career that is making waves. While things seemed to be smoothly sailing, MP’s past deed is resurfacing in the grapevine.

Sometime ago, MP was recorded playing a dangerous game. He allegedly got into a private conversation with an unknown person. They started to tease and flirt with each other. Then the dare came up to send photos. MP, unable to put a stop to the naughty exchange, sent a bulgy photo to his chat mate.

Although time has passed, the receiver kept the alleged exchange and the said photo, which are now making rounds in the grapevine. MP probably thought it was just harmless flirtation and no record existed. However, the digital world proved him wrong.  

‘A man exercising no forethought will soon experience present sorrow.’ − Confucius

Rumored cause

Whenever fans notice the closeness of single showbiz personalities, they often initiate moves to express their preference for them to be a real couple.

Sometimes, such shipping can do wonders for the careers of the matched celebrities. After all, fans are excited when showbiz personalities end up with each other, especially if their onscreen partnership delighted many.

In the past years, the public was pleased, but displeased with a few, when couples decided to make their relationships leading to something permanent. Many followers were happy with the notion of ending in a forever. Unfortunately, several couples did not meet that expectation.

In the case of a celebrity couple, rumors about their alleged separation started to surface early into their supposed permanent togetherness. When they were still thinking of finally ending up with each other, the two were inseparable and attended functions together. Fans admired the two for being steadfast and patient. The couple allowed their relationship to grow until the time was right. However, the wedded bliss only became a dream.

Once the rumored separation reached the grapevine, several speculations came up. As usual, sexuality issues were included, but louder was another cause. That is, the Former Groom (FG) allegedly got another woman pregnant.

When Former Bride (FB) learned about the situation, a decision had to be made. Things were made quiet until FG and FB came to terms with reality.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

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