How Aubrey Miles learned daughter has autism

"It’s okay. Early diagnosis is the answer to your questions."

Aubrey Miles recently revealed to the public that her one-and-only daughter Rocket has autism. "We were confused, and not sure if it's real or not," she posted.

Aubrey Miles with Rocket

"So many things going through our minds then," she continues. "Not sure how it would affect her, or us as a couple or a family."

It's been months of focusing on Rocket, and Miles is more than happy to share that they are all doing well. "One thing i’ve learned from it, the more we’re open about it, the more she’s showing progress, improving her social skills, trying her very best to communicate and more."

She appreciates everyone they meet when they're out, "Thank you to all the understanding people we see every time we go out. You guys are amazing, and you just don’t know how you help us in your own simple ways."

She ends her post by sharing what the first signs were when they had doubts regarding Rocket's condition, and eventually confirmed it:
1. Delayed speech.
2. Flapping hands.
3. Running back and forth.
4. Not acknowledging her name.
5. Lining up toys of the same color.
6. No eye contact.
7. Can play by herself.
8. Can cry loud and laugh loud instantly.
9. Doesn’t like crowded places.
10. No social skills.

She reminds fellow parents to be more observant, "Please don’t be afraid of having your kids checked if you have that gut feeling. It’s okay. Early diagnosis is the answer to your questions. We’ll share doctors, therapists, and clinics. Just message me anytime."