Backhoe transports newlyweds, guests safely to wedding reception in Antique

A piece of construction equipment saved the day for a couple whose once-in-a-lifetime event would have turned into disaster and a day they rather forget.

With the help of a backhoe, couple Ivy Alentajan and Regie Sareno bypassed a rising body of water and made it to their wedding reception in Sibalom, Antique.

“Walang baha. Walang ulan ang makakapigil sa tunay na nagmamahal (No flood and no rain can stop true love! Congrats!),” said Janet Serano, the groom’s aunt who posted the now viral video on Facebook.

Janet’s video shows the 26-year-old bride and the 34-year-old groom riding a backhoe as if they were in an amusement park to cross the other side of the creek in Barangay Igcococ last June 27.

Janet told the Manila Bulletin in a June 29 interview that it didn’t rain when the religious wedding ceremony was held at the nearby church.

But by the time the ceremony was over and everyone needed to proceed to the wedding reception, the water at the creek began to rise.

The backhoe has been there since the construction of a bridge recently started.

Aside from the bride and groom, the backhoe also gave a lift to guests.