‘Di ako ‘yan’: Cebu Gov. Garcia warns of person posing as her on Instagram asking for money

CEBU CITY – Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia on Monday, June 27, warned people against an Instagram user posing as her and soliciting cash from unsuspecting individuals.

In a Facebook post, Garcia showed screenshots of a conversation on Instagram between her poser and an individual who was made to believe that he was dealing with the governor.

“This is a FAKE account – do not respond. Please report,” Garcia posted in her official Facebook account.

The governor reminded the public that she does not own an Instagram account with the username @gwendolyn_garciia which bears her photo as profile picture.

In screenshots Garcia posted, her poser pretended that she was raising funds for a non-government organization.

The person that the poser communicated with appeared to have believed that it was the governor soliciting cash.

The netizen sent P5,000 to the poser through a popular electronic wallet.

In another screenshot, an Instagram user asked if he could only send P2,000 but the poser demanded to make it P10,000.

It was not the first that the governor disowned a fake Instagram account under the username @gov.gwendolyn.

The governor clarified that she has no personal Instagram account.