DPWH opens newly-built Clarin Bridge in Bohol to motorists

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has opened to motorists he newly built iconic bridge in Loay, Bohol.

DPWH Sec. Roger Mercado said the new Clarin Bridge is a Nielsen arch superstructure spanning 104 meters and will serve an important role in the mobility of goods and people and provide greater access to the tourism sites of Bohol Province.

photo: DPWH

The project costs ₱501.87 million.

"Economic development in the area will surely surge from improved transport of goods and services and more local and foreign tourists visiting the wonders of Bohol," said Mercado.

The bridge has an approach road at Abutment “A” of 209 meters and at Abutment “B” of 217 meters with enhancement of landscape and protection work to be done near the bank of Loboc River, one of Bohol’s major tourism destination.

photo: DPWH

The construction of Clarin Bridge consist of 12 pieces bored piles 1,200-millimeter diameter each abutment in a new alignment; reinforced concrete deck slab with asphalt concrete pavement overlay and reinforced concrete sidewalk with metal railings at bridge; and miscellaneous structures and lighting works.

The approach road was laid with bituminous asphalt concrete pavement with installed metal beam guardrail on reinforced concrete posts; and provision of service roads no. 1 and 2 with 230-millimeter-thick portland concrete cement pavement.