Motorists form long lines at Antipolo City gas stations to fuel up

Motorists queued in gas stations that are selling cheaper fuel in Antipolo City since Sunday night as the prices of fuel went up again on Tuesday, June 21.

At Flying V gas station located at P. Oliveros Street in Antipolo City, jeepneys, tricycles, and motorbikes lined up to gas up.

A gasoline attendant told Manila Bulletin that some of the motorists even brought some gasoline containers to have them filled up since the weekend.

Until Monday afternoon, the gas station on P. Oliveros Street continued to sell diesel, regular, and premium gasoline.

A liter of diesel was selling for P81.65; regular gasoline for P75.25; and unleaded gasoline for P74.75 per liter at Flying V while the Boss Gasoline Station, located at J.P. Rizal, was trading its diesel at P79.80 per liter; regular gasoline at P76.10 and unleaded gasoline at P75.10 per liter.

At Metro gasoline station, also located at J.P. Rizal, a liter of diesel costs P80.65; regular gasoline P76.15 and unleaded gasoline P75.65.

Other gasoline stations in the vicinity of the Antipolo Cathedral were selling fuel at an average of P3 to around P10 per liter more on Monday, June 20.

Oil companies are scheduled to sell their petroleum products on Tuesday, June 21 with an additional P3.01 per liter or more for diesel; and gasoline with an additional P.80 per liter.