Move It is provides accessible, affordable, convenient rides

Commuting in the Philippines can be a real challenge. Heavy traffic makes it difficult to get to your destination in time and booking a car is impossible, not to mention transportation fares getting more expensive by the day.

In today's on-demand economy, convenience is the new currency. There's a new hero to save you from the hassles of your daily commute. That’s where Move It comes in.

Launched in 2019, Move It is a local motorcycle taxi solutions provider that specializes in MotoTaxi, or on-demand motorcycle taxi rides. With Move It, you can travel to work and back, meet up with your friends or go to the mall without breaking the bank.

What makes Move It a great transport option is that it always has riders available to accommodate your booking. Whenever you need a way to get to your destination, Move It is always ready to help you get there thanks to its riders who are polite, friendly, and maginoo, keeping you at ease the whole ride.

And the best part? Move It offers the lowest ride fees in the market, providing rates much lower than other ride-hailing companies in the country. They also have additional promos and special discounts on top of these already low fares, making your total commute cost a lot lower.

And for a limited time, you can use promo code TIME2MOVEIT to get P20 off for 4 rides, applicable for all users through the Move It app. With Move It’s low fares, you can travel around the city with ease at a fraction of the price you're used to spending. We can't wait to try out this moto-hailing app on our next commute to work!  Download the Move It app now via PlayStore or App store.