Kizuna Heights inspires Japanese lifestyle in the heart of Manila

It was a clear and quiet day in Kyoto when the head priest of Kiyomizu temple, dressed in purple and red robes, began dipping his calligraphy brush in a bowl of black ink. Adjusting his sleeves while holding the brush aloft, he glanced shortly and made assured strokes on the blank canvas in front of him. He was a noble sight, graceful, and almost intimate, if not for the animated crowd of reporters behind him. The head priest finished nearly as swift as he started; after the last brandish, he made a bow before letting everyone see what he had done. It was a kanji—Japanese characters that denote full words. The kanji was kizuna.

Japanese citizens celebrate Kanji Day every year on Dec. 12 as a commemoration of one of their two writing systems, the other being the kana syllabaries. The day is made singular by Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, which holds a national poll that determines the Kanji of the Year, a Japanese word that encapsulates the events of the last 12 months. Beginning in 1995, the head priest’s 17th appearance in 2011 depicted a word encompassing the quintessential Japanese spirit—unwavering resilience, boundless altruism, and unmatched sense of community.

The concept of kizuna, or lasting connections between people, is what inspired Vista Residences to build a distinct vertical community that nurtures relationships forged through mutual trust and support. Aptly named Kizuna Heights, the premier condominium developer will construct a 41-story condominium along Taft Avenue, Manila in partnership with Japanese real estate conglomerate Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. The property will not only incorporate elements of Japanese architecture and interior design—Zen and Japandi—but will also invoke an inclusive approach to creating connections with oneself, the development, and the environment.

The infusion of greenery and natural materials on the residential lobby is a display of classic Japanese design.

The low-density spread of studio and one-bedroom units in Kizuna Heights, ideal for distance learning and work-from-home setups, is perfect for residents who prefer a seamless transition between their personal and professional lives. Rising from the 10th to the 41st floor, these residential areas also offer varying views of Manila, from the sprawl of the historic city on the east and south, to the verdant grounds of De La Salle University and inimitable Manila sunset on the north and west.

The amenities floor, which houses the gym and pool area, promotes physical wellbeing and mindfulness with top-of-the-line equipment and facilities encouraging health of the body and of the mind. The ground and topmost floors are simultaneous displays of classic and modern Japanese designs, from the infusions of greenery and natural materials on the residential lobby to the calming Zen garden, open-air lounges, and state-of-the art events pavilion in the sky deck.

The low-density spread of studio and one-bedroom units in Kizuna Heights is perfect for residents who prefer a seamless transition between their personal and professional lives.

While Kizuna Heights prides itself on being a mere distance from universities, health and commercial centers, and transportation hubs, what ties the whole development together are the commercial spaces on the ground floor, 24/7 security, seven podium parking floors, and intelligent management and building systems.

Kizuna Heights will be an outstanding exposition of themed vertical communities Vista Residences consistently delivers to its key customers. For over two decades, Vista Residences has carried Vista Land’s legacy of creating masterplanned developments, integrating into every project an unparalleled expertise in space planning and flair for finding accessible and attractive locations. Now, more than ever, Vista Residences is set on changing the country’s skyline with its sustainable, innovative, secure, and future-proof towers rising past the horizon. 

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