Senator Sonny Angara on being a father to three children

Shares that one trait you need to be a dad

Senator Sonny Angara, dad of three children and husband to Tootsy, has been continuing his father Edgardo Angara's legacy in helping the Philippines become a better country for its citizens. But, aside from his duties as a senator, he's enjoying his family time at home with his teenage children 18-year-old Manolo, 16-year-old Nessie, and 11-year-old Javier.

Senator Sonny Angara and family

For this Father's Day, we asked the solon about his personal insights as a father. Here are his answers.

Manila Bulletin: What's that one trait you need as a father?
Sonny Angara: As a father, I think you need to be patient. Because your kids might not always listen to you and prefer to get advice from other people because they think you're just there to kind of impose your will when, really, what you have is their interest at heart. They want to make their own mistakes sometimes, so you let them kind of have their own path in life. So need to be patient.

MB: What are your best fatherhood moments?
SA: My best fatherhood moments seeing the kids' milestones in their lives. So far, it's been graduating from school, birthdays, accomplishments, winning tournaments, winning awards, and, of course, the first time your kids saw the beach, or swam in the swimming pool, or the first time they see the snow. I think they're also kind of priceless moments.

MB: What do you look forward to as a father?
SA: I'm looking forward to see my kids growing up—they become young adults already so that the process of maturity and seeing them become more responsible for themselves, and to see them grow into responsible citizens. I think it's important—that's our job to help guide them. I'm looking forward to that, and to the other milestones when they graduate from college, their first job, their first paycheck. Hopefully, we'll be there to support them.