Barangay in Baguio provides free gas to 43 jeepney drivers

BAGUIO CITY – A barangay here provided free gasoline to jeepney drivers burdened by increasing oil prices.

Barangay AZCKO (Abanao, Zandueta, Chugum, Kayang, and Otek), which has the largest passenger jeepney terminal here, gave 1.5 liters of diesel to 43 jeepney drivers from various jeepney organizations on June 15.

According to Barangay Chairman Jefferson Cheng, this was made possible by donors who wished to remain anonymous.

“This is part of the social responsibility of our barangay. We have become accustomed to distributing aid especially during the pandemic. We thought to pay attention to these jeepney drivers who are struggling from the high price of gasoline. Even if they are not residents of our barangay, they work here in our area,” said Cheng.

"Right now, jeepneys are still alternating, so it's hard for our drivers and in addition to the high prices of gasoline, traffic is also a problem and this little fuel subsidy is a big help to them."

A jeepney driver said he feels the impact of high oil prices.

“In the almost 20 years I've been driving, only now we felt hardship, because we alternate our trips, the price of gasoline is high, and traffic is still a problem," Jett Alviar, jeepney driver, said.

He thanked Barangay AZCKO for the assistance they provided and hopes that this program will continue.

Alvin Quinones, a jeepney dispatcher, bared many drivers have switched jobs in recent months because their income from driving jeepneys is no longer enough for their families.

Cheng said he hopes another round of subsidy will take place after a gasoline station owner pledged to donate fuel for jeepneys when he heard of the program.