Miel Pangilinan reacts to 'insanely offensive' remark about her 'coming out' story

Miel Pangilinan, daughter of actress Sharon Cuneta and politician Kiko Pangilinan, couldn't help but react to a netizen who is supposedly heartbroken reading about her "coming out" story.


It read: “Bash me, honestly upon reading this, my heart breaks. (broken heart emoji). Sana fake news lang ito. But I commend you @mielpangilinan for being so brave to come this early.”

The 17-year-old immediately responded: “This early?? Lmaoo I’m so sorry your heart is broken but unfortunately it’s true, I am queer. I’m so sorry you think that news like this is heartbreaking to you, but it isn’t to me. I am so sorry that the news of my coming out is so painful for your heart to bear."

Miel continued: “The fact that you’re wishing that my COMING OUT is fake news is insanely offensive to me."

According to her, the latter's "commendation" of her "bravery" will cancel out the fact that the netizen wishes she wasn’t actually queer.

"Which doesn’t change anything, anyway," she reiterated.

Miel pointed out: “Your approval whether I have it or not literally does not matter to me.”

More than anything, she truly hopes that the said online user will learn to be more "tolerant."

"And if you don’t you have no place in my comments section or in any of the communities I’m a part of,” she added.

Mel's sister, Kakie, also cried foul about it.

She even shared the screenshot of the said conversation on her Twitter account.

"pls give yellie some love today if u can ! there are some homophobes in her inbox and mentions upset abt her pride post," she tweeted.

Prior, Kakie and eldest sister KC Concepcion showed their little sister love following her revelation.

Kiko and Sharon also expressed support for their daughter.