People hearing without listening

The sound of freedom, a playlist that celebrates independence

Freedom is having the ability to express yourself without restraint. It is having the power to go after what you want, to stand up for what you believe in, and to create your own success. It is a gift and a birthright that unfortunately not everybody has. Thankfully, most of us grew up with the privilege of being able to think for ourselves, make our own choices, and navigate through life as we please.

We are told time and time again that with freedom comes responsibility. Today, we both celebrate and reflect on what we have accomplished given this sense of liberation. As we look back at the right we’ve done, we are reminded of the advantage we have in building our future.

By creating this playlist, I wanted to mirror as closely as I could that exact feeling of weaving through every day with rhythm and ease. I wanted to provide an opening for personal interpretation, through simply allowing the listener to absorb the melody with minimal lyricism. Harnessing the power of music, my intention is to bring forth a sense of lightness and optimism as we memorialize our independence.

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