Kylie Padilla on being a single working mom: 'Most humbling, tiring'

Kylie Padilla took to Instagram recently to pen a lengthy post about her experience as a single mom.

"Tutoring. Feeding & bath time. Rearranging furniture. Cleaning. Fixing schedules. Getting in a workout. Trying to read books regularly again (all while being a relentless perfectionist, so nothing I ever do is good enough in my head huhuhu)," she started.

"I swear being a single working mom is the most humbling yet most tiring thing I've ever experienced in my life."

The daughter of Robin Padilla and Liezl Sicangco noted how she often finds herself in-between moments smiling and crying at the same time.

"Trying to find balance, trying to find patience when my toddler argues with me. Trying to be patient mama while slowly losing it. But enjoying every moment as I watch them grow into their own human beings," she related.

Kylie went on to note how the whole journey taught her humility and gratitude.

"Time slow down. I don't want them to grow up to fast. I can't explain the feeling though when my kids take care of me... when they start showing me how much they love me on their own accord. It makes every moment worth it. Like I always say I love being your mom. Huhuhu," she ended.

Recall that late last year when Kylie and Aljur's marital woes became tabloid fodder after Robin confirmed their separation as allegedly caused by a "third party."

Aljur is now dating sexy actress AJ Raval.

Kylie, on her part, has come out to admit that she has been dating too. And for a while now.

She is mum, however, as to the identity of the guy eager to keep the budding romance private.