Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi is reunited with mom

The recent Miss Universe Philippines pageant touched many with the answer of our reigning MIss Universe Philippines 2022 Celete Cortesi. ""Far from each other, but always connected... to make you proud is the greatest fulfillment of my life," she said. They've been apart for a long time, with her mom Maira Luisa in Italy while she is in the Philippines.

Celeste Cortesi with mom

And now, her dreams are finally coming true one by one. Jonas Empire showed a teaser in his Instagram account of what transpired a few hours ago. "Finally, a beautiful story to be told soon on Empire Philippines Youtube and Miss Universe Philippines Facebook pages. Celeste surprises her Mom, Malou in Parma, Italy."

In Cortesi and Gaffud's IG stories, it can be seen that she is with Michelle Dee, among other friends, enjoying the trip!