Duterte: 'Covid-19 made us realize the importance of functional healthcare system'

President Duterte on Wednesday said that the Covid-19 pandemic has made the government realize the importance of a "functional and responsive health care system."

During his speech at the inauguration of New Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila, Duterte thanked the country's healthcare workers for their "heroic efforts" in the past two years of battling the virus and helping the government.

The President admitted that "in the beginning, we did not know where we were" as the virus started spreading in neighboring countries.

"Let us take heed to those lessons, so that we can serve our people better," Duterte said.

With about two months left in the office, Duterte said he "cannot afford to waste time and resources" as he fulfills his promise for a "better and more responsive health care system across the country."

"I assure you that no Filipino will be left behind as we steadfastly and collectively work towards a stronger and healthier nation," he added.