LOOK: Karen Davila flexes son's amazing art exhibit

Autism didn't stop him from achieving these milestones

It's every parents' joy and pride to see their children grow into wonderful human beings, and Karen Davila is one of those proud parents. Her 18-year-old son David, who has autism, is showcasing his paintings and art sculptures this week.

Proud mom Karen Davila with son David at his art exhibit

"Proud of you, David! David and his classmates are closing the year with their first art exhibit—and for a good cause," she posted. "These are all David's paintings and sculptures but his classmates have beautiful works as well! For all of you who know David’s journey, you know how powerful a testimony this is of God’s grace and goodness!

In another reel, Davila shares a compilation of most of David's work, which he explained thoroughly, even sharing memories and inspirations. Another trivia she shared is that David just finished his first year under The Vanguard Academy with the course on special Visual Arts.
"It makes me so proud to share David’s journey and his accomplishments, because I know it will inspire other mothers with gifted and special kids to believe, commit and invest in developing their child," she adds, thanking Ericson Perez and the rest of the teachers of the school. "Praise God for all of you!"

"I love you so much, David," she ends the post.

Davila also added that the proceeds from the sales will go to the Missionairies of the poor. Interested parties can get in touch with Vanguard Academy at 0998-850-6420. You may also visit the Vanguard Academy along Rockwell, Edsa to check out the exhibit—only until Friday.